How To Measure Internet Bandwidth Speed

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Measure internet bandwidth speed is most important by internet user. Questions commonly asked by Internet users is how much speed Internet connection is obtained from the ISP (Internet Service Provider)? Does it fit with a rented or not. Questions like that are often also stopped me. Especially with the many services burstable internet connection or up to, pose a greater curiosity to the customer is the internet, to find great sebera speed Internet connection. Actually measure the speed of internet access could be said to be simple but there are some parameters that are sometimes made ambiguous and contentious. So we need to understand the size - the size speed internet access.

The first thing to use in determining the speed of internet access is a standard measure in determining the amount badwidth hired. Common measure to determine the bandwidth is bps (bits per second) rather than bytes per second. For example, we subscribe to 512 kbps (kilo bits read 512 per second). A value of 1 Bype = 8 bits, so 512 kbps = 64 kbps. So that the large bandwidth of the leased internet connection speed we get in the download is 64kbps.

The second thing is how much bandwidth is leased from the provider and what package is hired. It will also affect the results of measuring speed internet access. Some packages are commonly used:

- Package Dedicated 1:1 ratio, example internet subscription customers dedicated 512kbps 1:1, then the bandwidth of 512 kbps to full rights of the customer and not shared with other subscribers.

- Package Dedicated 1:2 ratio, such as Internet subscription customers dedicated 1:2 512 kbps, 512 kbps bandwidth is used simultaneously for two customers. two competing customers in using the 512 kbps bandwidth. The larger the denominator decreases the bandwidth available, but the cheaper the price.

- Package Burstable or up to, a bandwidth of a certain size shared for many customers. Eg Up to 1 Mbps package. A customer can get the bandwidth up to one mega bits per second, but usually there is no guarantee a minimum bandwidth obtained. Examples of this package is telkom speedy. So do not expect too many measured values ​​are obtained for a given maximum. If you can get the maximum benefit for you. With more often measure the speed of internet access package can give you an idea of ​​the average velocity is obtained.

Once we understand some of the above and understand it is time to measure the speed of the internet. How much speed internet access between expectations and reality can be understood. There are several ways you can do, each method has advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion and do wear some of the ways in several measurements. Conclusions can be drawn if it is measured several times.

1. Download Test File is quite large from a particular server.
Download test is to measure the speed of internet access is simple and quite realible. The result can seen by looking at the transfer rate on the pop-ip windows.

You may have to download another file such as video larger than any other server or from Rapidshare, search the file to be downloaded via INEEDFILE. Find the location of files for download that is reliable, but torent search. Result of example in the picture below:

Obtained transfer rate of 119 KB / Sec, remember the unit is Byte Per Second, which means Banhwidth obtained from the ISP is 119 KBps x8 = 952 kbps.

2. Test of server speed test tool providers to bandwidt testing, such as
Measurement via can choose a destination server to perform bandwidth speed test result is the upload and download speeds, as the picture I am trying to test the server in the USA. Measuring speed internet access in this way is also pretty good

3. Using Software-speed measurement software.
Lots of software that can be used to measure speed internet access, contohny are:

- DU Meter, but it can pay to try the trial version.

4. With the tester tool provided by the internet provider or volunteer, There are many providers of Internet speed test server in addition to No. 2 above, both within and outside Indonesia. Measuring speed internet access from server-server shows the quality of the link to the server where you are. If we subscribe to speedy and bandwidth to do a test server so the result will be speedy contrast to measure the speed of internet access on other servers.

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Thanks but how to knew its 1:1or 1:2 or 1:8 bandwith we r getting

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Thanks nice information on how to increase internet speed!

Rusell Bernand said... December 30, 2014 at 9:18 PM

Good informative site! There are several methods to increase the internet speed like clearing cookies in the browser,Often resetting the modem and periodical checking of anti virus and i often check my internet speed at website so it is reliable for me.

Vijay Mohite said... February 4, 2015 at 2:30 AM

Thanks for information can u please tell me that perhaps i have dedicated internet line is 1:1 so what is the download speed example - i have 6 Mbps link so how much i get speed? please share.


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